Why we’re crazy

Deidra J. McClelland
  • Creative 100%
  • Crazy 100%
  • Carrots 33%
  • Chocolate 33%
  • Coffee 33%

Deidra J. McClelland

- President

Fun Facts

  • I love carrots. I’m two away from having a cotton tail. This is not to take away from my love of chocolate.
  • I may or may not be addicted to coffee.
  • How some other people pronounce of my first name: Dee-dra, Dee-dre, Deer-dra, Deer-dre, Die-a-dra. It’s pronounced Dee-eh-dra, 6 letters, 3 syllables. D-E-I-D-R-A. Not D-I-E-D-R-A. I don’t DIE. If you can’t do that, use Dee. For the love… 🙂
  • My work nickname is Mother Goose. Long story, ask the Duck if you want details.
  • I’m a hound mother of two gewd girls. No humans, I’ve got a list of reasons why if you need it.
  • I always cry when I watch the movie Rudy. Seen it a zillion times, cry every time. It’s ridiculous.
  • I may or may not be hell on wheels. If you could stay in the right lane, you will never have to find out the truth.